Coban Denizcilik

COBANA Boat is going forward with new boats and new investments in Amasra, the pearl of the Black Sea.

The most known boats manufactured in our slipway include GOLDEN HIND, the famous galleon; ANITTA designed by Bill Dixon and featured in the movie titled Mutluluk; NOSTALGIA and AKIN’A, the successful boats of the Bodrum Cup and Blue Voyage; and KAYITSIZ3 designed by Y. M. Tanton has travelled around the World.

Cobana Boat Co.Ltd. was established in Istanbul in 1984 in order to provide boat manufacturing and designing services, and has built more than 50 boats at the Tekkeonu shipyard in Kurucasile district of Bartin within 25 years.

Coban Denizcilik

The boats Akın’a and Nostalgia manufactured by Cobana Boat have brought in numerous victories by winning the Bodrum Cup Sailing Races. In 1992, the Shipyard rebuilt the famous British pirate galleon Golden Hind from 400 years ago, and brought prestige to its region.  The boat named “Aegean Odysseus” manufactured by Cobana Boat was ranked as the second in the catalog “The world of sail 1999” which introduces the best 20 boats of the year in the World.

Cobana Boat, working by combination of state-of-the-art technologies and artistic sensitivity, carries on its activities in the Western Black Sea having the natural working conditions which are essential for hand woodworking and outstanding craftsmanship, instead of a “stressful” industrial city.

Coban Denizcilik

Cobana Boat, combining the new technologies with the traditional profession of the local community, continues its voluntary efforts to train skilled technical personnel, reverse the rural-urban migration trend and ensure more economic and healthier production.

Invariably, expert engineers and architects have drawn, and outstanding masters have worked their magic. We have studied hard, established a school, have been around and sailed. We have been happy as we could tell happiness from the eyes of the boat owners.

Coban Denizcilik

The owner of the Shipyard, Naval Architect Huseyin COBAN carries on his experience in Boat Designing and Building, which has begun with Turhan Soyaslan in Istanbul, in the Western Black Sea since 25 years. He builds boats and also pioneers the local developments in Bartın, Amasra and Kurucasile.

Coban Denizcilik

In handcrafts, we rely on both the design, and our hands and eyes. The main principles in our works include master hands, a good conceptual skill, compliance to the new and scientific methods, ability to use advancing techniques, and pure workmanship.

Huseyin COBAN who is the founder of the Amasra Sailing Club and president of the TEKKEONU-PIRIREIS Boat Building Cooperative has carried out studies for opening of the first “Anatolian Vocational High School for Wooden Boat Building” of the country in Kurucasile, prepared the curriculum of the aforementioned school, and given the boat building technology, wooden boat building, boat outfitting, and boat types lessons therein.